Each participant is taken at the skill level

and ability where they currently play, and

are challenged to do their personal best.

Each youth should leave their youth sport experience feeling good about themselves,

having a healthy attitude towards sports, especially football.

With flag football, the tools and skills that we teach will allow each youth to grow

at their own level personally, while developing a strong sense of team work, determination

and good sportsmanship - all valuable in their lives both on the field and off of the field.

O u r   a i m s   a n d   g o a l s

Our goal is to provide a flag football experience which is positive, safe, educational and fun. 

When and Where

All practices and games will be 90 minutes, and hosted at Terra Linda High School. The school is located at 320 Nova Albion, San Rafael 94903.

We will meet on the football field

Should a session need to be postponed due to inclement weather, the practice and game will be rescheduled as soon as possible.

Please be sure to check our Facebook page or Twitter feed for important notices !

Cost and Equipment

The cost for the season is $185 per player. An MYFFL t-shirt and mouth guard (may keep these) will be provided to each player. Youth should have a good pair of sporting shoes suitable for running and maneuvering on grass, such as cleated shoes. Also, during the season weather may vary, so please dress accordingly in layers for the weather of the day. Recommended sports

wear includes shorts/sweatpants, long socks, and gloves if desired. Shorts and sweatpants with strings and pockets are not allowed in the field of play. 

  With all the excitement of tackle football, but not the same risk of injury, flag football has become the youth sport of choice among parents who wonder whether kids should play tackle football. Why risk the injuries in tackle? Choose Marin Youth Flag Football instead. We offer a fun and nurturing environment, where kids learn the great life lessons of team sports – camaraderie, teamwork, overcoming challenges, winning and losing gracefully – experiences they will remember for the rest of their lives.